What it Provides to the Plant

It contains a high level of nitrogen plus all minor and major critical elements in an acidic pH of 2.8. It is a beneficially low pH solution, and the high level nitrogen supports increased root growth during vegetative phase.

High levels of nitrogen and phosphorus are particularly important for establishing strong and healthy plants, and Rice King Foliar Part 1 is focused on providing these elements directly to the plant through the leaf. Bypassing the soil hurdles at this early stage strengthens the developing root system. Importantly, Rice King Foliar Part 1 includes Molybdenum to assist with nitrogen utilisation, which is critical during crop establishment.

Why is it Important

Science demonstrates that the use of nitrogen, phosphorus and sulphur as an early foliar application, supported by appropriate trace elements, leads to demand for cation uptake by the root. This stimulates the citric acid passive and active exudation that feeds bacteria as it builds more humus within the root rhizosphere. This early physiological process delivers added benefits in crop health and nutrition. By stimulating rhizosphere activity, it unlocks the phosphorus and trace elements in the soil. This in turn increases nutrient uptake by the root to drive canopy growth.

The citrate component of Rice King Foliar Part 1 benefits the crop in cold season as a source of energy, whilst it's translocation in phloem tissue to the root acts as an added force for root exudation and unlocking soil-based phosphorus and trace elements.


Focused source of nitrogen and phosphorus for rapid growth and plant development.
Balanced trace elements required to support plant establishment.
With a pH of 2.8 this product uses RLF’s NDS (Nutrient Delivery System) technology to deliver a high-analysis, broad spectrum product safely to the plant. Uptake efficiency is substantially increased.

Nutrient Delivery System

Rice King Foliar fertiliser overcomes the nutrient deficiency problems associated with soil and paddock variability. It is contained in an advanced nutrient delivery system (NDS) developed specifically for this purpose. This technology enables the safe transfer of nutrients through the leaf and into the plant cell walls. This increases nutrient delivery significantly. It's formulation gives stability and maintains the integrity of the plant without any risk of element antagonism.