KING products are the work of RLF's highly skilled technical team.

KING products are specially designed for easy, integrated use for a specific crop type.

KING products are targeted and designed to achieve maximum benefit for the farmer.

KING products are new generation crop-focused products, and another advance for Rural Liquid Fertilisers (RLF).

KING products represent a specialised package of liquid fertiliser products developed for the global marketplace.


The KING range of products target those crops most commonly grown in global agriculture

They support the challenging need to be inventive in securing the most product crop outcomes of quality and yield. And they support the 'new feature' for crop nutrition products to be innovative in not only lifting the crop's health and yield outcomes but addressing the environmental imperative of preserving prime agriculture lands for future field and future generations as well. KING products do this with the most targeted nutrient loads in each of its product categories, and with the most efficient and technologically advanced product delivery system.


A series of 3 products specially formulated for safe general use,typically for cereal, fruits and vegetable crops

  • Grow KING FOLIAR a phosphorus-based, nitrogen-rich liquid fertiliser for all crops type ensuring that soil nutrient variability and nutrient deficiency issues are fixed
  • Grow KING Nutrient Charger a balanced Broad-spectrum formulation that improves vegetative reproduction and early seedling establishment
  • Grow KING Potassium a phosphorus-based, potassium-rich liquid fertiliser for use by furrow injection

An integrated combination of products in a 3-stage process especially for rice

  • Rice KING SEED PRIMER using the technological excellence of RLF's best seed priming product for rice
  • Rice KING FOLIAR Part-1 a foliar fertiliser program specifically designed for rice in its early growth stages
  • Rice KING FOLIAR Part-2 a foliar fertiliser that delivers vegetative growth potassium for the extra boost of K required by the crop at this phase of
    its development
A unique product that imbibes the seed with a multi-
nutrient fertiliser
  • Seed KING Seed Primer a solution that gives the seed the highest level of nutrient prossible in order for it to deliver better yield outcomes and provide many crop advantages
2 specific products with emphasis on robust growth and surface durability outcomes for turf

  • Turf KING FOLIAR a fertiliser that gives the plant the ability to guard against soil nutrient variability and deficiency to endow greater plant protection, increased growth and strength
  • Turf KING Silica + Potassium a highly specialised fertiliser for fast and effective management of turf surfaces requiring strong, resilient plant growth and durable playing surfaces Silicon is often a forgotten element

A combination of 2 products that work together in an integrated manner to provide the strongest start for cane - with the most productive outcome

  • Cane KING BILLET SOAK is a nutrient charger that is used on the cane billets just prior to planting
  • Cane KING FOLIAR is applied at different vegeative growth stages