Added Nutrition for Rice

Rice King Seed Primer is strengthened with the addition of two extra nutrients – potassium and magnesium. These nutrients are crucial for rice crops and ensures that crop yield potential starts with a strong, viable seed.

Increases Available Phosphorus

Rice King Seed Primer increases the available phosphorus (inorganic phosphorus) of seed by up to 360% when compared with untreated seed. This 'kick-starts' germination, by supplying energy for robust plant growth and the setting of higher yield potential.

Increases Available Phosphorus

Rice King Seed Primer increases rhizosphere activity and releases soil-based phosphate bound to calcium (in alkaline soils), or soil-based phosphate that is bound to aluminium, iron and manganese in acid soils. A faster growing root system growth protects plants from disease and provides healthy support to the establishing crops. It delivers beneficial yield returns.


Focused source of nitrogen and phosphorus for rapid growth and plant development.
Safely transfers nutrients within close proximity to the seed embryo giving extra strength and growth potential to the young seedling.
Increases yield regardless of fertiliser rate as the seed's internal nutrient concentrations are improved.
Is effective in all soil types regardless of the soil pH.
Fixes variability in seed lots and corrects the nutrient variability that is found in all seeds.
Quickly establishes greater root mass and better supports the crop during the early weeks of development.
Delivers higher yield, quality and value with consistent crop results.
Good business for the farmer as the cost represents a small percentage of the financial rewards gained with a positive return for every dollar invested.